A bistro is the kind of business that has always intrigued you because of its structure and of course the different dishes and drinks that must be served. Let’s see now how you can proceed to open a bistro in a successful way, without that there may be complications that, indeed, turn out to be anything but pleasant to deal with in person.


To open a bistro you must obviously have a clear idea of the type of food and drink that you will be serving at the tables. You must obviously take into consideration the fact that, this place, is also defined as a small cafeteria.

Therefore, you must absolutely try to put in the foreground the different dishes that you are going to serve at the tables, obviously taking into consideration different types of typical dishes such as coffee, sandwiches and pastries. Select what you are going to offer to your customers, so that your business can stand out in a very positive way.


Let’s talk now about what you need to open a bistro. First of all, you need to have a type of educational qualification that allows you to get the best type of satisfaction possible, which is a degree from a hotel management school. You must absolutely be able to have this type of requirement, which you must not underestimate: without this qualification you could find yourself in great difficulty when you decide to start this type of activity.

Basically, you have to be seen as a real expert who knows how to serve dishes and drinks, which you should definitely not underestimate. You will be able to follow different paths, but remember: in both cases, the qualification must not be absent, in order to avoid negative consequences.


You don’t have to put on the back burner some of the additional courses that you have to take, so that you can avoid some negative consequences. You must absolutely try to take part in the course related to safety at work, which allows you to be able to avoid that, during your activity, you can face consequences that turn out to be anything but positive.


Obviously, you also have to be able to make a fundamental choice regarding your intention to open a bistro. You must obviously be able to choose a venue that does not come to cost you an arm and a leg. Thanks to this particular type of solution, you will be able to get the best possible solution: you will be able to avoid expenses that are really excessive and that could affect, in a negative way, your budget.

Try to choose a place that is far from other similar types of places, which you should not underestimate: avoiding competition allows you to avoid problems that could affect the success of your place. You must also choose an area where you can park your car or other means of transport.


Obviously, you need to apply for hygiene control when opening a bistro. This procedure is really essential because, thanks to this type of verification, you can be sure that your premises can be defined as suitable to work properly and without any kind of blockage due to hygiene violations.

You will obviously need to be sure that your premises exceeds all hygiene standards and above all you must also try to avoid that the hygiene itself, may be lacking when particular types of inspections are carried out that could be sudden. Therefore, try to keep this type of element as much as possible because hygiene is the type of feature that should not be absent from your premises for any reason.


Now that you are ready to open a bistro, you have to do some bureaucratic steps. You must report the beginning of your business to the municipality where it is located precisely this type of bistro.

You must also register your business and open your VAT number. This is so that every aspect that falls into this category of operations that you must necessarily carry out, can be dealt with in the best possible way.


Obviously, in order to start a bistro in a correct and successful way, you will need different money to face all the different expenses that are necessary to start your business. Therefore, it will be possible to ask for estimates that will allow you to face these expenses.

You can opt for grants or other types of funding, which you should try to keep in mind and that allows you to get the cash to be able to be sure that the different expenses can be addressed in the best way.


Now let’s talk about the expenses: to open a bistro you will have to pay those related to the rent of the premises and obviously you will have to buy all the equipment that is able to offer you the possibility to operate in a way that you can work and offer drinks and food of all kinds that characterize the bistro itself. You will also have to deal with all the different expenses involved in hiring the person who will play the role of your collaborator, without whom you may find yourself in difficulty.

Add to this the fact that, in order to work, you will need the raw materials, which of course will have to be purchased: thanks to this set of expenses, you will be able to start your bistro and make it actually operational without any unpleasant consequences. All these particular steps are able to guarantee you the best kind of success: with this way of proceeding you can be sure that your bistro will be active and you will be able to work and serve excellent food.