Take Away is a purchase method that can be made online, done in advance by applications or even in person, at the establishment’s own counter. However, instead of being delivered, the consumer withdraws his order directly on site. It is a great option for the customer who will not have expenses with the delivery fee, and for the establishment that dispenses deliverer.

Take Away – food to take

The term Take Away, which can be translated as “food to go”, has shown great results. The preparation places are thought to save the consumer’s time avoiding the physical contact between the deliverer and the client.

Hardly a Take Away restaurant will have customers seated, consuming the meal, because this would not be the intention. In these restaurants, the customer buys and takes the food to be consumed elsewhere.

This kind of restaurant, is present in several branches of food, for example, organic foods, vegan foods, hamburgers, among others. The important thing is to be aware of the existing demand in the established city or region, realizing the opportunities and taking advantage of them.

The offered dishes should be prepared with more agility and practicality making the sales format more accessible. A favorable point is that there is no concern with personal service. The focus is exclusively on the preparation and delivery, the speed of service is something that adds value to the establishment.

It is necessary to optimize the service, from the phone call, customer’s request by the application or counter, until the moment of delivery, so that the whole process is completed effectively.

Take Away – functionality

A Take Away restaurant, as mentioned, is a place where the customer buys and takes the food to be consumed in another environment, so a large part of the space needs to be destined for food production.

Not being consumed on site does not mean it cannot offer comfort. The place needs to have a great waiting environment, for the client to be well attended since his arrival. Offering wi-fi, television and comfortable chairs or sofas make all the difference.

The main idea refers to very practical products. Besides making the preparation of the dishes faster making them more accessible, they must be thought for a short execution time, but without leaving the flavor aside.

The sector is quite versatile and can be adapted to any model and any idea. Foods from other cultures, sweets, desserts, differentiated cuisine or restaurants that offer specific dishes are also present in this modality.

To set up a Take Away restaurant, the utensils will be the same as in a normal restaurant. Opting for good quality equipment enables more efficient processes. Equipment and utensils made of stainless steel are the most suitable for the gastronomic business, because they offer functionality and easy cleaning for the environment.

National and international sanitary organs, indicate the use of materials such as stainless steel, because they offer greater safety when in contact with food, not transmitting toxic substances, odors or taste, in addition to greater durability and ease of cleaning.

Some tips can help those who wish to invest in the Take Away model:

  • Keep the necessary refrigeration and correct storage of products.
  • Use pre-cooked products or leave them ready.
  • Use industrial stove for more agility and time optimization.
  • Preserve the temperature after being prepared until the removal by the client.
  • Have ample and accessible space for packaging and food distribution.

It would be convenient for the establishment to have an automation system that sends orders directly to the kitchen. The beginning of the service is the basis of everything and should be fast and organized in order to avoid errors with the orders.

The team must be prepared to maintain an excellent standard of service and delivery. Investing in routine training, meetings or dialogues between the team is essential. All employees, whether attendants or cooks, need to be in tune and properly trained for their respective functions.

It is interesting to keep the beverage coolers close to the boxes and organize the counter so that the consumer can find everything he needs without assistance, as well as be specific and clear on the menu, because this will facilitate the preparation of orders.

Regardless of the format chosen for the Take Away restaurant, it is important to make customers feel satisfied with the services offered.

Because of the practicality and ease that this format offers, many managers in the segment are keeping an eye on this opportunity. What are you waiting for to invest in your own business?