Do you know how to set up a bistro restaurant? Most people would say no, but the secret is to keep the classic style and plan details that make the difference. The main thing about these details is the service! A bistro needs to cultivate the owner-client approach, making everyone feel at home.

But after all, do you know what a bistro is? So keep reading, because we will explain everything about this gastronomic model.

Understand what a Bistro restaurant is!

You can’t start a project without knowing in depth what it is, so it’s very important to understand in a solid way what a bistro is. This type of restaurant has very punctual characteristics, for example simplicity, together with elegance, and a home atmosphere.

There are several types of bistros

Although the bistros in their original form represent humble spaces with extremely simple cuisine, most of them differ in some points.

Around here, it is more common for this type of business to adopt a more sophisticated air, without losing the characteristics. Speaking of which, French cuisine is often present in the restaurant, which requires professionals with the ability to reproduce typical recipes.

A bistro is a restaurant with soul, where there is noise, aromas, music and life. Things happen naturally following the origins in the place where it was installed. It is a model of gastronomic establishment rich in culture, simple, but full of traditional and regional roots.

Have differentials in your bistro restaurant

To do well in the task of setting up a bistro restaurant, it is necessary to understand the differentials of this modality. That’s why we highlight for you what is special about this kind of business and different from the others, check it out!

  • Proximity to the public!

A bistro restaurant has as main characteristic, the proximity with the client. He needs to feel at home, and the service must be very intimate. But, this issue is not only related to the employees’ service, but also to the owner! He can’t hide in the kitchen or take care of only one sector.

  • Extremely welcoming environment!

The care to fulfill the function of how to set up a bistro restaurant, requires a lot of dedication. The bistros are usually small and unpretentious, but even so, extremely welcoming. To contribute to this, many entrepreneurs bet on a structure that leaves the kitchen visible and shows a little more of the work done on site. More than that, the very facade of the bistros usually brings out the simplicity, which sometimes brings out an air of “home”.

What to serve in a bistro restaurant?

Generally, the menu of a bistro is quite simple. Even the kitchen is equipped without many details, since the preparations are quite traditional. The quick meal, is what best suits this kind of business, but that doesn’t mean that innovating is not possible. There are bistros of the most varied types, and some of them value modernity. This way, the traditional and cozy climate is opposed to current and contemporary dishes.

Value the establishment’s style

A bistro is a restaurant full of personality, you can’t deny it. But how can you bring this essence to the surface in the environment? Well, the rusticity of the furniture and decoration of traditional bistros shows that you don’t have to spend much to make the place pleasant and cozy.

That’s why, in the search for the ideal property, you should look for more reserved spaces. In the decoration, it is not necessary much elements. Wooden furniture, chess tablecloths, blackboards, wines and a milder lighting, make the space very cozy. But it is also not necessary to spend much time to create this idea of “stylish restaurant”. In fact, a bistro already has, naturally, a strong identity.

You already know the most important tips on how to set up a bistro restaurant, the next step is to think about what you want to transmit with your establishment. But do not forget, the soul of a bistro is to cook with love and will always do the best.